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Family friendly tours

septembre 14, 2023 - octobre 14, 2023

$56 à $110


Ten reasons your next family vacation should be an overseas bicycle tour.Bicycle touring is the perfect pace to meet local people.

Traveling by bicycle is an excellent way for families to slow down and connect with one another. You can take a break from your normal fast-paced life, savor the the world around you and connect with each other.
Bicycle tours help give kids a feel for a country, its terrain and its people more so than most other means.

At a cyclist’s pace, you’ll experience places four-wheeled travelers will never know existed.

Starting at $32

Skill level

Approx. time

1 Hours & 38 Min.


3 Miles

Additional tour info

Cycling allows you to soak in the settings you ride through. The adventures you’ll have and the people you’ll meet along the way on your bicycle tour will last a lifetime.

Remember, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

Tour pricing

$37 for a Deluxe Infinity Shifting Bike
$49 for an Electric Bike
$32 for a Comfort Hybrid Bike
$32 for a Deluxe Comfort Mountain Bike
$48 for a Road Bike
$60 for a Comfort Tandem
$20 for a Youth Bike

Included with every bike rental:

Bike lock
GPS-Guided audio tour
Basket/bike bag


Début :
septembre 14, 2023
Fin :
octobre 14, 2023
Prix :
$56 à $110
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